Sunglasses men

Sunny days ahead. Whether you’re planning your next vacation or just going out for a drink in the sunshine – there is one thing that you always want to carry with you: stylish sunglasses from Monnq. Those sunnies offer you the perfect protection against the sun and complete every outfit. At Monnq we believe in the power of showing yourself and our sunglasses emphasize your personal style.

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Sunglasses Men

Modern sunglasses for men should be functional, timeless and cool. High quality models that fit with every outfit and weather condition. If you’re looking for the perfect pair of sunnies, that you can wear everyday – look no further. The Monnq Siem model is the perfect fit for you. This lightweight shows off with a classic design and timeless color pattern. The perfect allround model, that offers very good protection against sun glare, all year long. Sunglasses are one of the accessories that you wear during spring and winter. The Monnq collection offers high-quality products with superior glasses and comfortable, light frames. Exactly the type that men are looking for.

Polaroid sunglasses for Men

Talking about high quality sunglasses – the Monnq collection only offers sunnies with  polarized glasses. A good pair of Sunglasses should provide the necessary UV protection. Polarized sunglasses offer you a little more than that – this filter also absorbs the horizontal reflection of sunlight that you find in the snow, on the water or on a wet street.

Therefore you can easily wear the Monnq sunglasses while riding your car or bike. Polarized Sunglasses prevent glare and allow you to perceive your surroundings sharply and clearly. They are a must-have for every fanatic outdoor fan, traveler and car driver.

Are you still unsure about which type of sunglasses to choose? When buying sunglasses, not only the design and look but also the UV protection is an important point. There are different standards, according to EU categories, of UV protection.

There are 4 different polarize-categories (0-4) to choose from, where most of the Monnq models offer a category 2 and 3 protection.

Categorie 0 only offers very limited UV-protection. Categorie 1 offers moderate protection against the sun where Categorie 2 is general-purpose sunglasses. These glasses provide good protection against glare from the sun. The model Monnq Tamaricciu is the perfect example for stylish and light Categorie 2 sunglas. Perfect for daily use. Sunglasses from the Categorie 3 offer high protection against glare from the sun. The cool aviator model Liam therefore offers high protection all year long.

Sunglasses with the Categorie 4 are very dark tinted sunglasses against very strong glare from the sun. They offer very high protection against glare from the sun, such as in snow, sea, mountains or desert.

Standard 2 and standard 3 are most common in many modern sunglasses. So it is important to check what the glasses are bought for, and what value they should meet.

Black sunglasses for Men

Black sunglasses are still one of the most popular sunnies ever. The timeless all-black model Calanches can be easily combined with every outfit and hair color. A super stylish model with an angular shaped frame and black, polarized glasses. These sunnies offer that unique and modern Style that you’re looking for.

Round sunglasses for Men

Round sunglasses are often associated with women, but we think that everybody can vind his/her matching pair of round sunnies. Round sunglasses fit with almost every kind of face shape and can be combined in a very cool or playful way. The Monnq Rondinara is the best example. The minimalist and modern design has a cool look and the black polarized glasses offer the perfect protection against the sun. A timeless model that can be combined with everything. Are you looking for a more salient model? Check out our Monnq Pelosa sunglasses. The light, gray frame has a unique color pattern, which turns these sunglasses in a real statement look.